Monday, 31 March 2014

Eight. Teddy Bear.

Eight. Teddy Bear.

Every girl has a Teddy Bear, Ted, Mr. T.
Mummy put Mr. T gently next to her when she first opened her tiny little eyes to the world.
Mr. T has been her companion since then. They peekaboo-ed, played hide and seek, shared little secrets... Oh look! Little girl got Mr. T a mistress to hang out with!... They travelled as she went abroad from home. Mr. T has been little girl's best companion, witnessing and experiencing every second of her emotional roller coaster.

Mr. T is a nice guy.
Mr. T never says "No".
Mr. T is a good listener and little girl's confidant.
Mr. T is little girl's blanket when the sky is falling down.
Mr. T hum lullabies softly by her ears.
Mr. T brushes little girl's hair when she's sleeping.

But there is something little girl doesn't know.
Mr. T is a collector.
Mr. T likes other girls too.
Mr. T is a womaniser.
Mr. T doesn't wanna be owned by one single owner.
Mr. T has been serving numerous girls before little girl.
Mr. T enjoyed it a lot when little girl's friends were playing with him and secretly wish they would take him away one day.
Mr. T would never says "No" to other girls too.
Mr. T is indecisive.
Mr. T is disgusting.

Every girl has a teddy bear like she has a Mr. T.

My Teddy Bear:

Mar31 '14