Thursday, 16 January 2014

Seven. Film.

Seven. Film.

I came out of a list of film as below:

cling film
filming tape
video recorder
black &white

So I started to draw lace patterns and trying to layer them up.

As I work on more drawings, I start to find a connection in the lines between lace and the smash on gadgets. 
Film (Indian ink on tracing paper)

What I then find interesting is that the smash lines on gadgets are beautiful and natural lines created by us accidentally -and each of them consist of an interesting (aka stupid) story which only happens in this generation, not 5 years ago, not 10 years ago but NOW.

I personally have a front &back smashed iPhone with a screen smashed iPad mini which I have decided to continue to use them regardless the fact (that I would wholeheartedly ignore) that pieces of glasses might scratch my ear or face. I used to have a blackberry Q10 (which I lost some time ago) and I was "legit" to ignore the scar face of my iPhone since I have a proper phone to use to make calls anyways. Since the Q10 has been long gone, I still haven't fix my screen - I still use it everyday. I'm not sure if it is my laziness to pop to the store or that it doesn't worth the money to just to fix the screen or simply that I could not have my phone not by my pocket for a single second. It made me realise the strong attachment I have with my phone. I used not to understand when I saw people on the street using a smashed screen phone, neither have the intention to get a new one nor just to fix it (in my scenario now).
The gadgets or phone discussing above were supposed to be just a helpful tool to better our lives. It seems like they have now became a machine on the border of becoming a mind, and were changing our behaviour. We are now shaped by our tools. The human mind is just a machine, much similar to a computerised gadget. If mind is a program, free will will eventually become an illusion - how scary is that darling.

Jan 16 '14