Saturday, 25 May 2013

Four. Lost.

Four. Lost.
I am twenty-four, going on twenty-five.
I quitted my job in Hong Kong, arriving London.
I was a set designer, now a job hunter.
I was on my own in this journey, met a few companions but now I'm back on the road again.

What do I really want?
What am I doing here?

Scottish Molly Sweeny had limited eyesight throughout her entire life until she met Mr. Rice whom allowed her to regain her eyesight but she has eventually lost it due to mental reasons. A typical scenario of lost and found and lost. Is it truly important that you have to "found" something you have lost? Wouldn't it at times better if you just allow it to be lost forever? No worries of it to be found nor to handle the found situation.

Epic West to East Coast bike-ride 21-year-old Leo has just completed a route he aimed to finish - "To finish what he started", thou marred by tragedy on route. Growing up with growing responsibilities whilst growing old with his 91-year-old communist grandma in New York defined his new set of direction in life.

and I hope I have found what I want. 
If you have lost track of what I said, don't worry, just follow the yellow brick road.

My playlist:
1) The Pretty Reckless - Nothing Left to Lose
2) Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)
3) Botvik - Epilepsy
4) Les Miserables - On My Own

My work:

Girl with two boobs.
I am not okay.

May 25 '13.


Lost- in the unique tranquility
Taken in Hvar, August 2012
Gloria Ng