Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Six. Postcard project - Jobless chick.

Six. Postcard project - Jobless chick.

The initial title of the sixth theme was target.
For me, targets are like rules; they are to break and to be failed to meet.
Failing to meet targets and breaking rules are like making wrong decisions and create good stories.
I have been a 50/50 rebel in my life.
I would respect rules and breaking them at the same time. I am my nice monkey suit putting a smile on and highlight the back of my hair green. I would devote in my stable job 200% and fly across the Atlantic to London for more potential opportunities the next day.

I was still with Harrods when I was working on the title of target.
My target for that month was 90k and I made an illustration plan of how I met my target. I have even over-archieved it. (yay!)
However my partners weren't able to meet their target of coming up with something for this title due to a lot of reasons. Anyways, here you go this is my plan:
Moleskin: Harrods target

I quit my job after meeting my targetss, and designing a postcard project with my friend Nicole.
The idea is similar, discussing a topic and deliver it with postcard. We hope it could be delivered worldwide!

Being jobless and as a chick is what relate us together, disregarding the geographical connection.
Here is the jobless message I sent to Nicole from London:

Starlight, look at us shine. (Acrylic, ink and masking tape on postcard)
Some old work of mine that has a connection with my postcard.
Individual identity sketches (Cleaning cloth, washing power, acrylic and glue on canvas)
Individual identity sketch (Chalk and acrylic and black paper)

Although still jobless, I'm still very looking forward to the future. It is like exploring and touching the unmapped world, and I enjoy doing this.
Working as 2 unpaid interns at a time allows me to meet more interesting people and explore the never-been-seen London, learning and brushing up my skills too. Hmmm I think I have a new idea on what to reply Nicole ;)))

Oct 30 '13

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Five. Cherry Blossom.

Five. Cherry Blossom.
It's spring.
Sun shines balmly, birds starts to chirp, cherry blossom flourished.
The melody of "Bom bom bom" (Cherry blossom in Korean) by Roy Kim waltzing in my flat on a Sunday morning brings back my memory with my very first boyfriend.

It was an unforgettable movie-like love experience which every girl would have dreamt of.
The dance at the ball. The late night chit-chats. The guitar he played. The constant run-intos pulled by the strings of destiny. The first kiss by the shore. The handmade bracelets. The songs he performed for me. The night journeys home. The anniversary phone calls surprise. The birthday candles surprise. And of course, the first break-up...
"我地係咪好襯呢?? 但既然當初因為一啲workout唔到/冇試過workout嘅問題而分開,, 縱使事隔多年,, 你有你的轉變我也有我的堅持. 復合也只是徒然. 啦" - Aug 24 '11.

Friends around me thought we would last long, and so did I. The 2 years of fantastical and dreamy relationship with him was so magical that our unexpected not happily ever after was quite a shock to me. How could one turn his back against you when he vowed his eternal love to you just 12 hours ago. It was then I started to lose faith in relationships. Words are just words pouring out from your mouth without trepassing your brain nor heart. "What are words worth?"

It was a blessing that my next boyfriend was patience enough to use more than a year to help me overcame this very trust issue of mine. I started to develop a concrete relationship with this high level of bank of trust with him for another 4 and a half years.

Every since then, my journey of love relationships have been like a roller coaster. I am starting to get immune with heart breakings and still carry a positive attitude towards relationships:

流水很清楚 惜花這個責任
水點 蒸發變做白雲
花瓣 飄落下游生根
淡淡交會過 各不留下印
但是經歷過 最溫柔共震"
﹣ Eason Chan 落花流水 

As long as we had a good time, I will forever lock the wonderful memories we shared in the safe of my heart.
"祝我幸福快樂. 我愛過每一個 請保佑我:3"

My artwork
Cherry blossom (Oil painting, pencil on canvas)
To my beloved boys (Acrylic, marker on disposable palette)

My Cherry Blossom playlist
1. Bom Bom Bom (Spring) by Roy Kim
2. 落花流水 by Eason Chan
3. 給我愛過的男孩們 by Cass Pang 

June 30 '13

A side fact: I actually moved on from my first break-up within one night. No joke. The musical by HOCC suggested to me that you may now hold onto the memory and habit with one tight, but a week later, you may forget one's smell; a month later, you may forget one's number; a year later, you may just barely remember one's horoscope or even face. It has inspired me at that time that: I had a wonderful 2 years with this prince charming, why shall I waste any second of my life mourning the fact that he does not love me now when there are so many 2 years ahead of me? The possibility of sharing and embracing many more amazing 2 years with other boys/gents kept my hopes high and march on.

Cherry blossom not in this cultural desert

Cherry blossom not in this cultural desert.
Gloria Ng

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Four. Lost.

Four. Lost.
I am twenty-four, going on twenty-five.
I quitted my job in Hong Kong, arriving London.
I was a set designer, now a job hunter.
I was on my own in this journey, met a few companions but now I'm back on the road again.

What do I really want?
What am I doing here?

Scottish Molly Sweeny had limited eyesight throughout her entire life until she met Mr. Rice whom allowed her to regain her eyesight but she has eventually lost it due to mental reasons. A typical scenario of lost and found and lost. Is it truly important that you have to "found" something you have lost? Wouldn't it at times better if you just allow it to be lost forever? No worries of it to be found nor to handle the found situation.

Epic West to East Coast bike-ride 21-year-old Leo has just completed a route he aimed to finish - "To finish what he started", thou marred by tragedy on route. Growing up with growing responsibilities whilst growing old with his 91-year-old communist grandma in New York defined his new set of direction in life.

and I hope I have found what I want. 
If you have lost track of what I said, don't worry, just follow the yellow brick road.

My playlist:
1) The Pretty Reckless - Nothing Left to Lose
2) Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)
3) Botvik - Epilepsy
4) Les Miserables - On My Own

My work:

Girl with two boobs.
I am not okay.

May 25 '13.


Lost- in the unique tranquility
Taken in Hvar, August 2012
Gloria Ng