Sunday, 22 April 2012



For me, Depression is a state of mind - a seclusion, a struggle within the mind, that goes completely opposite to the body. Depression is a dark place in the soul, like the attic of a house, that stores all kinds of secrets, fetishes, taboo thoughts, sufferings. Depression is a stream of negative energy that exists alongside all other energies within the body yet without it, all other energies seem all the less bright, less radiant. Just like sweat, depression is stinky and disgusting but is necessary to the body as it brings out all the unwanted substances out of the body. If not cleaned away clear enough, one will stink in his/her own sweat/depression. It is the dangerous flow of thoughts that lies within Depression that makes one so easily fall back into it over and over. So one must have strict self-conduct in order to let Depression do its duties and drain out all negative energies but not let it affect your life. 

My depression soundtracks:
- A Single Man
- The Hours

Some inspirations for the drawing:

One. Depression.


We are people who are passionate about art but reality trapped us in the concrete office partition jungle.
To balance our life, we are collaborating an art project within cities and countries.
Every two weeks, we will set up a theme or title, and express it with our unique understanding based on our art background and interest.
We think it would be interesting how different people interpret a subject and further learn from each other.

Okayyy so let the music go on:)))
The subject of our first chapter is......... DEPRESSION...

One. CKL.

Depression to me is insecurity and lack of energy. When this negative energy accumulated, anger will evoke and unleash eventually.
When ones depressed, one may be destructive and try to tear things up or even hurt oneself. Depression will eventually be healed or amended but the scar would always be there.
My own idea of depression.
Bergdorf Goodman 2011
M & Co.
Selfridges - Window Scheme by Adam Andrascik
Up: CKL's version of  Daaniele Buetti - What do you feel guilty for?
Down: CKL's version of Graham Gillmore - My Love for You Will Never Die
Down: CKL's version of Wang Ninade - Some Days
My depression songlist:
1. The Pretty Reckless - Goin' Down
2. Lily Allen - Fcuk You

My Final Outcome
Song: The Pretty Reckless - Going Down
CKL xxx
Apr 21 '12