Monday, 31 March 2014

Eight. Teddy Bear.

Eight. Teddy Bear.

Every girl has a Teddy Bear, Ted, Mr. T.
Mummy put Mr. T gently next to her when she first opened her tiny little eyes to the world.
Mr. T has been her companion since then. They peekaboo-ed, played hide and seek, shared little secrets... Oh look! Little girl got Mr. T a mistress to hang out with!... They travelled as she went abroad from home. Mr. T has been little girl's best companion, witnessing and experiencing every second of her emotional roller coaster.

Mr. T is a nice guy.
Mr. T never says "No".
Mr. T is a good listener and little girl's confidant.
Mr. T is little girl's blanket when the sky is falling down.
Mr. T hum lullabies softly by her ears.
Mr. T brushes little girl's hair when she's sleeping.

But there is something little girl doesn't know.
Mr. T is a collector.
Mr. T likes other girls too.
Mr. T is a womaniser.
Mr. T doesn't wanna be owned by one single owner.
Mr. T has been serving numerous girls before little girl.
Mr. T enjoyed it a lot when little girl's friends were playing with him and secretly wish they would take him away one day.
Mr. T would never says "No" to other girls too.
Mr. T is indecisive.
Mr. T is disgusting.

Every girl has a teddy bear like she has a Mr. T.

My Teddy Bear:

Mar31 '14

"Teddy Bear" is the enduring symbol of child-like innocence, love and tenderness. According to one anonymous author it is 'a socially acceptable security blanket that transcends gender, age and nationality'. Teddy bear comes in all forms, mine happens to be a fluffy innocent giraffe. It means more than you thought. Never abandon your teddy bear, take it out to meet friends and have fun with it. It deserves to some some quality time outside your bed. For it had been staying besides you for better or for worse. P.S When you put 2 teddy bears together- some serious flirting will happen:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

the extinction of 35mm film and films deserving our time ?

The Film industry (Hollywood) has released films after films. Some are destined to be high grossing (Formulaic?), while others targeted at the Academy Awards. This year, surprisingly, Samsung, Ellen Degeneres and possibly the pizza boy turned out to be the winners of the award show.

As movie became more and more digital (non 35mm film), and our society becoming more dependent on technology, Ellen invited ten plus A listers to participate in a "selfie"(can anyone actually memorise who is in the "selfie"?) with the soon to launch Samsung Galaxy S5 (although she was seen switching back to her iPhone in back stage). When star of Hunger Game complained of hunger for last year's show, Ellen cleverly solved the issue by ordering pizzas and gladly bringing the fortunate pizza boy to the stage. Did we all love the relaxed tone Ellen supplied for this years' show ?

I have decided to go off track a little bit, but 2013 has been a very good year for films and I haven't watched and enjoyed as many films in such short time span. Blue Jasmine, Gravity, Wolf of Wall Street, Her, Captain Phillips, Philomena and Dallas Buyers Club, are all incredible and enjoyable movies on their own.

Films enjoyed lately (Ordered by what came up on my head first)

  1. Forest Gump - Robert Zemcis
  2. Memeto - Christopher Nolan
  3. Dark Knight Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
  4. American Beauty - Sam Mendes
  5. Shame - Steve Mcqueen
  6. Carnage - Roman Polanski
  7. Blue Jasmine - Woody Allen
  8. The Social Network - David Fincher
  9. Se7en - David Fincher
  10. Fight Club - David Fincher
  11. Requiem for a Dream - Derren Arronofsky
  12. The usual Susects - Bryan Singer
  13. Drive - Nicolas Winding Refn

Can someone recommend what I should be watching next ?

Film/Movie choices reveal a lot about a person, so I guess I should stop for now as the first post for chanchannn.